Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu speaks about the Innovative Growth Hub PIND initiative while touring the Aba development project.

Clinton Chidera
4 min readSep 15, 2022

The advancement that we are all currently seeing is being driven by information and data, and the research and study that is being done now is the most cutting-edge solution to the issues that humans face. I frequently quote the saying “You can’t say good of yourself, others said well of you at your back and how can they discover such is by their primary semi-formal relationship with you would enable them to communicate to others of the positive mindset, work, oneness, and attitude they discover from you.”

I support local technology initiatives that help children learn how the technology system works as a road map for them to decide their route and purpose in life. Innovation growth hub (IGHUB) is nothing new to talk about. If there were no challenges to overcome, it would not be essential to find solutions to human issues or to aid in the expansion and development of nature.

The Executive governor of Abia State, Dr. Victor Okezie Ikpeazu, paid a visit to the Innovation Growth Hub IGHub training academy today to ensure ongoing youth empowerment and human development.
Over 250 young people leaving Aba have received training in various IT skills over the first several months from IGHub in close cooperation with PIND Foundation (Partnerships Initiatives in the Niger Delta). The above skill sets include full-stack software engineering, product design, Data science, embedded devices, as well as digital marketing.
PIND is a nonprofit organization founded in Nigeria with the goal of fostering partnerships that would lead to equitable economic development and peace in the Niger Delta.

In his remarks, the Governor hailed the PIND Foundation and the IGHub leadership, led by Mr. Daniel Chinagozie, for their efforts to ensure that children are adequately prepared. In addition, he promised that Aba and Abia State would lead Nigeria’s digital economy by ensuring that more Abia youth received training in a variety of tech-related fields.
The program was really enthusiastic since the scholars were thrilled to impart their…

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