It might happen at any time, anywhere in Nigeria

Clinton Chidera
3 min readJun 6, 2022

I was born and raised in Nigeria, and I am still a Nigerian who hopes for a better life and a better future for the country. However, things are becoming worse, and her inhabitants are finding it increasingly difficult to bear disappointing news.

Hmm, I’m not sure what I’m going to say or which region or industry I’m going to investigate. In Nigeria, the delight that comes in the morning is now an unavoidable agony.
My life is in my head, not in my hands, because any action or step taken to obtain anything unique is always initiated by the mind. In this country, we always play the gangster paradise game, and the lives of its residents are in grave risk with no bodies or laws to protect them.

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Because there’s tomorrow to consider, the approach of action of protecting a family hood against the mastermind is critical.
The history of 1914 is not told by the generations of the time, and you can’t hear the primary source, but it is based on research, studies, and indirect educational updates in history, which my nation rejected and abandoned because the truth is the secondary information we got to know more about the government’s system.

Remember that Nigeria will never change as long as the executive, judiciary, and legislative councils remain unchanged.
I frequently discuss how analog rulers control funds and dominate the people without understanding political ethics in order to safeguard her subjects.
well, tears are streaming down my face as I watch individuals who were murdered like birds and the authorities continue to paint the house of evil to lead.

It is always short to paint not to tell because the people are in agony joy because they use the idealogy of “I can’t kill myself” to move on and work hard, still heavy taxes were imposed on the citizens and which they accepted, but still insecurity is another case study with unlimited units and content.

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