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3 min readAug 5, 2022

The greatest showman once lived in his zone to learn more, but he actually lost the one he had already built out the love of money and an attempt to exceed the masters. The best education we, as investors can use to win the league, is the system of digging into the origin and root of each enterprise, which is what really matters. Staking is not a new game in the defi world, and there are other initiatives in this international area that offer it, along with token swapping and trading.
Although many projects are embracing and starting to expand the global market, this is a fantastic movement in the bitcoin community to speed up transactions. There are many people employing various defi stake and swap protocols to execute their transactions, and some of them, such as the high gas prices and slippage charges make it difficult to participate in the game. But conducting a study is an excellent thing to do if you want to learn.

We will find out more about KRYPTOLITE based on the title. The first hybrid protocol, KRYPTOLITE, uses Proof-of-Personhood, Proof-of-Stake, and human labor to build a platform that is quick, open to everyone, and attack-resistant. The Kryptolite Universe is built to let our community take full advantage of decentralized finance without having to engage in active portfolio management.

How Much More

The KRL token, also known as (KRYPTOVERSE), is a special utility token for the Kryptolite Universe that can be used for:

1 Staking to trade on KryptoliteSwap with fees as low as 0% and earn passive income (percent APY).

. Purchase of Special KRYPTOLITE Gem NFTs.
. Launchpad subscriptions at a discount.
. Voting on governance issues to decide how network resources are allocated

The goal of KRYPTOLITE is to become a widely used proof of stake (PoS) token that enables our community to trade with up to ZERO fees while also receiving a respectable APY from staked KRL.

The vast majority of crypto projects only exist in the crypto space, but we will achieve “Real World Impact and Takeover” by running campaigns to inform and educate the public about the crucial role of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols while also creating buzz via the typical crypto channels and methods — always in…



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