What Is A Healthy Mind?

Representation of a Healthy Mind. Courtesy of Vecteezy

The earth consist the biosphere, ecosystem, biotic and abiotic factors in the world. Human beings are major organisms that control the planet without them no earth. “It is in the earth and in the world that there is nothing more important than to know what is right,” that’s the ethics; discovering the right and wrong. When a roof is strongly construct and built; this means that no amount of rainfall can destroy or penetrate inside the building because it’s been strongly constructed. Sequel to this, if the roof is not strongly constructed this means rainfall will penetrate into the building.

Likewise, building a house on a sinking sand. Building a house on the rock means having a healthy mind, no negative environment can change you, no unworthy friend can corrupt you, no negative vibes friend can corrupt you. But is your mind that corrupts you. This means when you carry out a particular project which can be positive or negative; it is from your mind the inbuilt and chips in man that project evil or good is the mind. The mind deals with the spirit and the spirit deals with the mind which means before a particular thing is been project or program me the two must be apply effectively.

The Life of a Healthy Minded Individual

The Random Access Memory, Image copyright of Techspirited

The mind is like random access memory (RAM) in human. In mind, positive things are plan and negative things are also plan in the memory. People will ask what is the distinguished between the mind and the brain? The brain is the box in the humans head that flash, memorize, sense, stimulus and solve a logical or mathematical problem.” The brain does not grow but it develop”.

The healthy mind I’m talking about is the right mind that obey the law of good nature; people will ask what is the law of good nature? Nature has a law that covers it or rule it; according to Murphy’s law it states: “Anything that goes wrong must surely comes bad” and I opine that anything that goes good must end good. If you project evil you ripe evil and if you project good you ripe good; this is the law that govern the nature. When the mind is healthy what you will be thinking of how to create, establish , invent and also live and give off a life of morale support. A healthy minded person or individual is a one who thinks about the right thing, who is law abiding, who is trustworthy’, patient, honest and caring.

Qualities of a Healthy Minded Person

Image courtesy of Campusroyalty, depicting a health minded Individual who is a Stock Agriculturist

A healthy minded person or individual lives an exemplary life, not egotistic and aggressive. A healthy minded person exhibit a good character in any environment he found himself. A healthy minded human shows interest of any good agenda to established which can be effective to his life and his house hold. A healthy minded person thinks about the future. They project for good not for bad. They talk about the reality and are realistic in nature. A positive minded person is straight forward.

Some qualities of healthy minded person includes according to PyschCentral:

  • You’re Able to Hold Two Opposites in Your Mind at the Same Time.
  • You Can Manage Your Feelings While Communicating.
  • You’re Self-Aware.
  • You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin.
  • You’re Willing to Take Risks.
  • Become Less Invested in Being Right.
  • Learn and Practice Mindfulness.
  • Work on Viewing Failure Differently.

Always remember that no one is perfect but will work towards that a little, only our creator is perfect. We human are imperfect, so we do our best. Be strong, Honest, Loyal, Be submissive to the master, Patient, Never outshine the master, Don’t argue, Don’t gossip, Always obey the law of the land, Think big, Create, Invent and Help others.

A healthy minded individual is strong in any environment he/she found his/her self. When you are in the midst of social smokers and your mind is healthy, the best thing to do is to go away from that spot because it will affect the mind by displaying or signal the cigarette to you to have interest. Abstaining from that spot is the best solution apply for the problem;

Be careful in any environment you find your self and try to adapt positively. “Let your believe be your believe, let your yes be your yes and let your no be your no”; with this method no man on earth will confuse you”. We all know the right and wrong and it is left for us to choose the one that will suit us.


Brain conclusion, copyright of Codeburst.io

My spirit is the engine of my body likewise heart and mitochondria. The spirit and mind are twin brothers in me that works hand to hand to achieve a common goal which can be negative or positive. This two brothers agree in any decision they take and they are responsible for good or evil that affect man.

Man is nothing without the twin brother in him. Thinking is a spirit which cannot be seen but it comes in when the mind is about to project. Human is nothing without this twin brother because with them you think rationale. In conclusion, life is good when a healthy mind is apply in all ramification and in every sectors of your life this means that your life is your life in the spirit of your mind and it takes many years to construct, plan and build a bridge but it takes a seconds to destroy it likewise the mind.



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